Investment Criteria

Our Investment Criteria


At Canopy Capital Partners, we pride ourselves on digging into deals and understanding the business model and other shareholder dynamics before arriving at a conclusion. We approach each deal with the flexibility to find the best solutions for your business's unique needs. Our aim is to help you find the right fit for your company to move forward and add long-lasting value.


Revenue between $5 million – $100 million.


EBITDA between $1 million – $10 million


US Headquarters (Prefer FL & SE based)

Company Characteristics & Transaction Types


Company Characteristics

  • Market niche leaders

  • Defensible market position, barriers to entry

  • Growth potential internally or consolidation

  • Proven business model & value proposition

  • Consistent financial performance

  • Favorable industry dynamics

Transaction Types

  • Buyout of retiring owner(s)

  • Management buyout

  • Generational transfer in a family business

  • Recapitalization of existing ownership/management

  • Growth capital (open to minority equity stake on a case by case basis)

Company Location

Canopy Capital Partners provides private equity for the lower middle market nationwide. CCP invests with an emphasis on Southeastern-US, and Florida-based companies in particular, due to the attractive business environments, low taxes and favorable demographic trends in the region.

Intermediary Fees - We pay finder’s fees for introductions that result in to closed transactions. Please feel free to reach out to us for more details.

Business Services

Canopy Capital Partner's targeted sectors

Transport & Logistics

Canopy Capital Partner's targeted sectors

Niche Manufacturers

Canopy Capital Partner's targeted sectors

Value-added Distribution

Canopy Capital Partner's targeted sectors

Niche Sub-contractors

Canopy Capital Partner's targeted sectors

Management & Industry Focus


Management/ownership continuity is preferred, but not required. We also seek to provide broader equity participation for key employees going forward.

We focus on Lower Middle market companies in targeted sectors including:

  • Business Services

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Niche Manufacturers

  • Value-added Distribution

  • Niche Sub-contractors


A partner for success - private equity for the lower middle market.

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